Natural Gas Meter Safety

Protect Your Family in Winter

When snow and ice build up on your natural gas meter, they can put your family in danger. If the vent on your meter’s gas pressure regulator gets clogged with snow and ice or other debris, the flow of natural gas is obstructed and the meter cannot operate properly. This can result in increased pressure in the piping to your home’s appliances, leading to a gas leak or even an explosion. The melting and freezing of accumulated snow could damage the meter, piping, or connections to your house, again causing leaks and risk of fire or explosion.

Keep Your Meter Clear and Dry

Keep the entire natural gas meter assembly clear of snow and ice. Gently remove snow or ice from the meter and any associated piping, using a broom or your hand whenever possible. Keep these tips in mind:

  • If you must use a shovel to move snow away from the meter, take care not to damage the meter or piping.
  • Avoid using a snow blower or snowplow nearby.
  • Protect the meter and piping from freezing runoff and overhead icicles.
  • Do not kick or hit the meter or any gas connections to your house.
  • Always keep a clear path to your gas meter to allow quick access in an emergency.
  • Check the meter and pipes often throughout the winter season.
  • Contact Xcel Energy if you notice ice on your meter or are concerned that the meter’s regulator vent may be blocked.

Concerned about your gas meter? Call Xcel Energy at 800.895.2999.